Creams and Serums for Curly Hair

Creams and serums are essential products for nourishing, styling and maintaining thick, curly hair or curly hair that’s prone to frizziness.

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Showing all 4 results

The power of curl cream and serums for curly hair

Creams and serums help condition, style and protect naturally curly hair. They also combat frizz and static.

Curl cream for conditioned and moisturised curls

Curl cream serves a dual purpose as a leave-in conditioner and curl styling product, providing essential conditioning and moisturise to curly hair.

Defining curls and eliminating frizz

Curl cream plays a vital role in defining and amplifying natural curls, effectively combating frizz while providing a soft hold. They can help enhance hair’s natural curl pattern.

Nourishing and protecting with curl serums

Following cleansing and conditioning, incorporating a curl cream can nourish and protect curly hair.

Complement the routine with a heat serum specially formulated for curly hair. This serum acts as a protective shield, safeguarding the hair and scalp from damage caused by styling tools and environmental stressors.

Benefits of professional curl serums

Professional serums for curly hair protect the hair and can help stimulate the scalp, promote hair strength and impart radiant shine without clogging pores.

Opt for serums with pure, moisturising ingredients – and avoid potentially harsh or irritating substances.

Look for curl serums containing nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E, biotin, amino acids, and plant or nut extracts like castor seed, argan, coconut, and sweet almond oils.

Generally avoid serums that contain parabens, mineral oils, petroleum and silicones.

Application of creams or serums for curly hair

Apply a curly hair serum after deep-conditioning or before blow-drying to provide heat protection.

A small amount of serum can also be applied whenever necessary to tame hair that appears dry or frizzy, to provide a finishing touch of hydration and control.