Combs & Accessories


Every comb imaginable

Many know and love Olivia Garden for their world-class brushing technology. We are lucky that they also expanded their offering to include combs. When it comes to combs, looks can be deceiving. Comparing a cheap comb against a premium comb can appear to be difficult when judging only by eye. However, after a few minutes of use, the difference is stark. In this category, we can included all combs & accessories that Oliva Garden have perfected over many years.

Many people like using combs during hot styling. They are small and easy to move around when paired with a hairdryer or hair iron. The problem is that traditional combs are nowhere near heat-resistant enough. Before long the teeth have melted and the comb is unusable. All Olivia Garden combs are developed to be resistant against extreme heat. Not only that, they are also incredibly lightweight, so no sacrifice needed in the area of maneuverability. These combs & accessories show the quality of Olivia Garden.

Another factor of these combs & accessories are hair clips. Olivia Garden produces the Double Clip, an ingenious evolution of the hair clip that allows you to section two areas of hair at the same time with the same clip. This is a totally unique product, and can be found here.