Parlux Hair Dryer Ardent Barber-Tech Ionic 1800W


Introducing the first professional Parlux hair dryer specifically designed for the male hair care. The Parlux Ardent® has a “vintage” design with a unique, “old-fashioned”, brushed graphite finish. Allows you to channel your inner barber and create unique, flowing designs for head and facial hair.

Features a specially-designed, long-life, professional motor with an estimated lifespan of 2,000 hours that guarantees precision for all those hours and at all speeds. The perfect tool for styling the male look with its 1800W high power variable geometry heating element and optimisation of the heating areas to ensure optimal temperatures at all power levels. The Ionic Air Ionizer Technology has been measured to optimise the emission of negative ions, eliminating static electricity, improving shine and ensuring quick drying of hair, beard and moustache areas.

Features a special construction with triple insulation and air chamber which leaves the frontal body of the dryer always cold, allowing for a comfortable grip for freedom of use to direct air to any areas from any angle. In keeping with Parlux’s eco-friendly philosophy. The Ardent® is made of recyclable materials and packaging, produces low noise pollution, produces no harmful emissions and is super-fast drying which helps in saving energy.


Tip: applying a heat protector and styler product before blow-drying greatly improves the end result while significantly reducing heat damage. Drying time is shortened and there are enhanced benefits such as more shine, better styling and more volume. Apply to damp or dry hair before straightening or curling for enhanced benefits. The full range of heat protectors can be found here.

Use the Magic Sense Diffuser for a revolutionary way to dry curls and style hair.

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To protect your electrical tool during loadshedding periods, we recommend disconnecting it from all power sources when not in use. This will prevent electrical damage caused by sudden power surges.



hairdryer accessories & treatment liquids

protect against heat damage

reverse any heat damage


  • Includes one concentrator nozzle that is quickly snapped on and off to regulate the rapid air-flow

  • Switches on the front for a comfortable use for all hand sizes as well as for left and right-handed users

  • 4 temperature options

  • 2 speed options

  • Instant Cold Shot Button

  • 1800W AC motor produces 61 cubic metres per hour, regarded as the optimum speed and power combination for a comfortable drying session for head and facial hair

  • Air Ionizer Tech + Ionic technology


Additional Details


Air Flow



1 Concentrator Nozzle


9 Feet (2.8m) Strong Cable

Instant Cold Shot Button


Product Dimensions

20.5 x 22 x 9.5cm

Motor Life

2,000 hours

Drying Power

1800 Watts 

Speed Settings

2 (Medium & Max) 


“Air Ionizer Tech” Ionic Technology

Temperature Settings



480 grams 



Parlux Ardent Barber-Tech Ionic

Anti-heat front casing allows for gripping front of dryer without pain from the heat so the dryer end can be pointed towards hard-to-reach areas. The leading professional dryer catered towards meeting the requirements of modern styles for men. A vintage design with a new variable heating geometry element for amazing styles. Features high-level technology capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding styles.

Air Ionizer Tech uses ideal power and airflow with negative ions for fast drying, soft locks and imparted shine. Eco-friendly materials with a built-in silencer for a much quieter and more pleasant styling experience. New design and motor ensures better energy saving. 


One Concentrator Nozzle


Features one narrow concentrator nozzle: Concentrated airflow produces faster airflow for a more polished finish. Essential for drying fringes and frizzy, wavy and curly hair. Make sure the concentrator follows with your brush to create volume at the roots. Point it down the length of your hair for smoothness.

Parlux, proudly produced in Italy, is a flagship hair dryer manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the industry, and one of the most popular brands in South Africa. Specialising in Air Ionizer Tech technology, Parlux are leaders in the industry of creating soft and shiny hair. Known for its affordable price, performance and reliability, Parlux hair dryers are the perfect addition to any home.

Parlux is:


Newer Parlux models are coated with a special antibacterial paint enriched with silver powder, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and improving hygiene.


For over 40 years, Parlux has expertly produced only high-performing professional hair styling tools, and are seen, used and loved in salons all over the world.


Parlux designs all professional hairdryers to be as quiet as possible through the use of specially designed internal silencing systems, for less invasive use.


Parlux hairdryers have the perfect combination of wattage, air quantity and temperature to ensure ideal temperatures are reached very quickly.


Parlux hairdryers offer maximum durability and lifespan even under extreme use conditions. This is thanks to premium materials, and years of research and development.


Despite their powerful motors, Parlux dryers are also lightweight and perfectly balanced so they are safe and a pleasure to use.


Ionic technology is present on all Parlux dryers. This removes static electricity from the hair, making it soft and shiny. The hair is also less frizzy and easier to dry and style.


All elements of manufacturing have been tailored to have a low environmental impact. This includes minimizing waste and streamlining all areas of production.


Parlux has always been committed to producing only in Italy, and will continue this pledge. This has built a heritage and history for the brand.


All Parlux models feature an anti-heating front body to prevent burning, soft touch buttons that are easy to set and change, and swivel mechanisms with long cables.

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