Celeb Luxury Frizzy Hair Essential Solution

Build your own customized frizzy hair correction regimen with the power of Celeb Luxury. Reduce frizz with an intense injection of moisture and straightening ingredients. Save 10% with this 3 piece bundle.

Core Solution includes:

  • Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Clear Moisturewash, 244ml
  • Beyond hydrating shampoo for dry and unruly hair types. A no colour shampoo that will not affect hair colour. Gently cleanses and conditions at the same time. Use for an intense injection of nourishment into the hair shaft and on the scalp for a balances, moisturised look and feel.

    Intense, rich, hi-lather, hi-gloss formula that conditions while it cleanses. Visibly improves hair look and texture with every application with amazing shine. Reduces tangles and transforms dull and dry to radiant and spectacular. Hair is left flexible, healthy and nourished.

  • Celeb Luxury Viral Dual-Use Blonditioner, 244ml
  • Intense conditioner to hydrate, strengthen and build bonds correcting dryness. Use on fragile, dry, porous, bleached and damaged hair for correction and visible improvements after every application.

    Formula seal cuticles and provides environmental protection to prevent dry hair from returning. Porosity is reduces and hair is left smooth, manageable and radiant.

  • Celeb Luxury Viral Smoothing Leave-In Styler, 100ml
  • Perfect for all hair types and texture. Use after shampoo and conditioner to seal cuticles, provide environmental protection against dryness and use as a styling agent. Protects integrity of hair structure and any hair colour for long-lasting results with improved hair feeling and condition.

    Detangles, reduces breakages, protects against humidity, improves hair texture, imparts glossy shine and provides protection against UV rays and heat from hot tools.



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Our specialty is haircolor cleansing and conditioning.
Our vision is for you to love your haircolor.
We make color fade a thing of the past.
For luxurious and healthy hair.


About Us

Stop Fade. Extend haircolor happiness. Our products are 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free. Sulfate-Free. PPD-Free. Ammonia-Free. Peroxide-Free. Cruelty-Free. No Animal Testing. Health and safety are important to us. We only use direct dyes that are safe and FDA/EU compliant.


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Voted #1 Hair Product worldwide at Cosmoprof Bologna 2018, the global industry’s most prestigious award for mass and professional products.


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