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Showing 1–28 of 65 results

Razors & Blades For Perfect Shaping

It is time to grab your razors & blades and prepare to go to war. Whether you are a beard fundi or prefer to sport a clean-shaven face, there is no time quite like the present to reinvent your shaving routine.

What matters most of all is that you have the right styling tools to achieve the best results. You simply cannot put a foot out of place if you invest in top-notch razors & blades.

For most guys a top-notch battery-operated razor is their shaving method of choice but a classic folding razor may also be your style. Choose one that allows the blades to glide effortlessly over the face; alternatively choose a hand-held blade to give you that really close shave.

For men with a little more time on their hands, though, a hot towel and shaving cream applied with an excellent shaving brush is the equivalent to having a facial.