Unique styling opportunities

A radial brush and hairdryer. It is a perfect match spanning decades after the first handheld hairdryer was introduced to the public. Since then, radial brushes almost always play a vital role in the process of drying hair. Their ability to transfer heat to the hair and style it at the same time made them perfect companions. Many people like to leave the brushes in their hair as they dry. The heat and set position of the brush creates a style that stays in place. It is ideal for curls as well. However, very soon an issue arises when you want to use more than one brush in the hair at a time. Not only do you need an arsenal of different brushes, which most do not, your hair inevitably becomes a total mess of brushes dangling from the hair. That is where Multibrush comes in.

Multibrush is the first premium brush range with detachable brush heads. With just a press of a button, the entire brush head separates from the handle, freeing up so much space in the hair for multiple barrels. The other main benefit of the Multibrush is that you only need a single handle for multiple brush heads. All brush heads are compatible with the handle, easily letting you have several barrels on hand for a styling session.