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Olivia Garden is known and loved for their revolutionary brush technology. You may not know that their electrical tool offering is just as game-changing. Over the last few years, every electrical tools company has tried to develop and introduce new and exciting technology for their products. Some additions stick while others are tried and abandoned. In many cases, the only thing that has changed is the size and shape of the tool, because a visual change is sometimes all that’s needed. That is not the case with Olivia Garden electrical tools.

In late 2023, Olivia Garden released their SuperHP hairdryers. This is a hairdryer not seen before. It has totally changed the way we view the concept of hair drying. Upon first look, it appears to be a futuristic tool. Upon turning it on, your thoughts are justified. Research and development over many years produced this product, and we are happy to be the official distributor in South Africa.

In addition to hairdryers, Olivia Garden electrical tools also include hair straighteners. These utilize the same kind of technology found in their brushes, only this time in reverse to heat up fast and retain the heat. As an added bonus, these irons come with free styling pieces like brushes and combs.