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Showing all 23 results

Premium protection

For those who like to do their hair at home, especially treatments that require using dangerous chemicals, you undoubtedly know the importance of proper coverage. Protection for your clothes and skin in the danger zone is required before handling certain products. Coming into contact with liquids can permanently alter clothing or cause an adverse skin reaction. That is why Olivia Garden apparel products are so important.

What are the products belonging to this category? These are typical salon or hairdresser staples – aprons and capes. Regardless of what you choose, it’s important to have a degree of protection. Olivia Garden have a few premium options available. You can instantly tell when you touch or pick them up. Cheap aprons and capes feel flimsy and do not last for long before you notice staining or breakage.

Apparel items like capes and aprons achieve different things. Aprons provide longer length protection. They are more typically used by the professional during a service. A cape is worn by the client, and it offers more comprehensive coverage for the torso area. Now there is coverage against spills up to your waist line. Now you can mix your product and apply it without worrying about the impact of spilling. These can be washed to be made new again.