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Hair Colour Conditioner

Secure That Colour!

Building on the refreshing and reviving results from colour shampoos, colour conditioners secure hair colour for the future.

When the hair is washed with a colour shampoo, colour is refreshed but the hair is also cleansed. This means that the hair cuticles or opened so the cleansing formula can rid the hair of excess dirt, debris, oil and product build-up to leave the hair at a clean base. Colour conditioners then come into play as they close the cuticles again and safeguard the refreshed colour and ensure its long term effectiveness.

Open cuticles are disastrous for colour. It makes colour much more at risk to fade and washout and can transform brilliant colour to dull and drab tones in no time. Colour conditioners close cuticles and keep them closed to prevent colour fade. The hair is also left much silkier, sleeker and shinier, just what you need to make that colour sparkly and look like new.