Termix Heat Resistant Barber Tools Mat, 44.7cm x 20cm


Specialised anti-slip technology mat. Place on flat at-home workstation to house valuable tools, implements and products. Aerated, bubble design ensures zero movement of tools once placed on top of mat. Large 44.7x20cm surface for added versatility.

Ideal for protecting valuable styling tools like straighteners, clippers and scissors from sliding across the surface and falling. Limits chances of tools falling to the ground to prevent any damage. Also helps organise tools and equipment in one area for easy access.

Heat resistant material ideal for hot tools while in use or as they cool down. Bubbles effectively dissipate heat and prevent the hot tool from slipping.

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Termix has been a professional hair tools and implements manufacturer for many years and has developed a unique style and design for their products. Specialising in styling and colouring tint brushes, Termix offers quality at affordable prices. All Termix products are designed for long use and are ideal for long-term use and durability.




Termix Values

Apart from passion, Termix always commits to essential values:
  • All attention is focused on innovation, always looking for the latest technology to deliver the best products
  • Ensuring the highest quality through the process of production to create the best long-lasting tools
  • Production is made in Spain as a mark of high quality and craft and a special Spanish touch
  • Meets qualifications that are highly demanding for professionals around the world


Unique Production Process



Termix creates and delivers innovation for every new product that combines excellence with high efficiency to meet the demanding needs of consumers and professionals. The R&D department focuses on designing products based on technological innovation and a selective choosing of raw materials.


High quality brush fibres are one of Termix’s secrets for success. Brushes feature high performance bristles with better heat resistance and resilience. Memory flex technology prevents bristle structure changes while maintaining stiffness. Bristles are placed perpendicular so that the hair can slide and style better.


Termix brushes are assembled by heat to achieve a perfect union of all components under pressure. Through this process, a dilation of the plastic material is produced, ensuring extreme resistance and durability.


All Termix products are designed, manufactured and shipped from Spain, meeting with all the quality standards in the European union. This ensures long term durability of all Termix products.

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