JOC Color Protection Shampoo


Very delicate cleanser thanks to its color-safe formula. Protects colored hair and prevents photo-oxidation, keeping color true and vivid for longer. A color-safe, SLES-free formula to protect hair color from fading.

  • ADVANCED SLES FREE FORMULA – ensures gentle cleansing and color preservation
  • BLUE LIGHT SHIELD – protects hair and scalp from blue light stress
  • ALMOND OIL – nourishes, softens and hydrates hair, adding shine
  • APRICOT KERNEL OIL – rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, it protects hair color from fading
  • SUNFLOWER PHYTO-CERAMIDES – restructures the fiber and protects hair from UV rays
  • PARABEN FREE FORMULA – more delicate on hair


Complete the full ritual


Does your hair color look dull and lifeless? This is the perfect ritual to preserve color,
enhance the shine and keep strands strong thanks to a double care action.


A 100% vegan Color Protection Treatment, to maintain bright and vigorous hair color. Enriched with Almond to strengthen and detangle hair, Apricot to provide a soothing and emollient effect, and Sunflower Phyto-Ceramides to protect colored hair
from photo-oxidation.


What are the BENEFITS of this treatment?

• Protects color from fading

• Moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber

• Protects from oxidative action

• Emphasizes shine


Ideal for which hair types?
• For all colored hair


How it works:

STEP 1Cleanse your hair with JOC Color Protection Shampoo for an ultra-delicate cleansing that protects colored hair keeping color true and vivid over time.
STEP 2Apply JOC Color Protection Mask on damp hair. Massage, put on a cap and let set on an additional heat for 10 minutes.
STEP 3Without rinsing off the mask, apply JOC Color Protection Conditioner to preserve your color
with a double care extra protection. Let set for 3-5 minutes and then rinse.
STEP 4Apply JOC Color 2 Phase Color Protection as a leave-in treatment to protect color from environmental aggressors.
When?Immediately after color or toning services and every time you need to look after your color at home.



JOC CARE, JOY of Care, is the joy of taking care of your hair, through an essential, rapid and effective beauty routine.


JOC CARE is 100% vegan for a kind of beauty guided by authentic and socially responsible way of living. Being vegan is a lifestyle, for this reason, JOC cares not only about the formula, but also packaging. All packaging is made of up to 50% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR), which notably reduces CO2 emissions.



Cares for hair color and the hair itself. Enhances and refreshes hair color with nourishing ingredients. Protects color from stress and environmental aggressors, including UV rays, a very common cause for color fade.




The Secret Ingredients



Blue Microalgae

Blue Microalgae, which are incredibly small, but extremely powerful, to protect the scalp and hair from harmful effects of blue lights. Everyone is exposed to high levels of blue lights due to our “hyperconnected” lifestyle.


Botanical Extracts & Seaweed

Botanical Extracts and Seaweed, which are a beauty treasure chest and the key for a boosted haircare, complete the natural profile of this healthy product line.

















100% Italian Hair Care Luxury

Beginning in 1967, Barex Italiana have produced luxurious hair care products used and adored worldwide. One of their first and most successful brands is JOC, an everyday range of affordable hair care products of authentic Italian style and quality. A range for all hair types and situations. A brand evolved and developed after decades of experience in the industry.





Traditionally, large-scale production, enormous amounts of different suppliers and never-ending stocks are usually the causes of dubious quality, compensated for and disguised by massive advertising campaigns and aggressive marketing. Barex Italiana’s philosophy, instead, is far from this sort of business model. The production process is expertly planned ensuring the highest degree of control.

Each product is meticulously inspected from the moment it is formulated to the moment of its delivery. Barex Italiana’s efforts are dedicated to create not simply haircare products, but true crafted “jewels” for hair, for the specific care of each single customer’s needs. Guaranteed quality, highest achievable performance and complete client satisfaction are our promise.





Our goal is to provide incomparable products for sublime sensory experiences. Barex Italiana’s essence is in our authentic Italian craftsmanship, constant investments in avant-garde technologies and the never-ending effort in seeking the purest extracts from the most remote corners of the globe. This has been our dream since 1967, fulfilled many times over with thousands of happy customers in 27 different countries.



With a totally self-sufficient factory and raw materials and natural ingredients selected only from certified suppliers that ensure sustainability. Barex Italiana proudly operates with sustainable methods with contributions made to local charities and organisations.

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Brand JOC



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