Gamma Più Absolute Zero Cordless Titanium Finishing Foil Shaver


The closest possible shave with no irritation. Tough on hair. Gentle on skin.

The ultimate in Italian style, design, quality and performance, the Absolute Zero ticks all the boxes for an extreme foil shaver. This special edition offers ultra-thin and hypoallergenic gold titanium foils to maintain hygiene, and staggered, independently floating cutters for the smoothest possible cutting experience. The result is a closer, smoother, more even, and more comfortable cutting, without irritation or damaging the skin. Perfect for very short trimming of facial hair, sideburns, bald heads and back of the neck. Also works well for creating straight, clean lines.

Ease of use – the Absolute Zero can be used corded or cordless, and a full charge provides 120 minutes of uninterrupted use. Easily charges with included USB cable and power adaptor, and its lithium ion battery fully charges in 30 minutes, ideal for any busy barber.

Perfect design – the Absolute Zero was designed with maximum comfort in mind. At just 130g, you can easily use this shaver all day, everyday with zero discomfort. Its compact shape also allows access to hard-to-reach areas so you can create even more spectacular styles. Despite its small size, its powerful rotary motor will handle any short hair type imaginable.

Retractable trimmer – need to get that perfect line? The retractable trimmer at back of shaver provides built-in 2-in-1 cutting convenience. No need to reach for your other trimmer during cutting.

Staggered contouring – the independent, staggered shaver head adjusts to any shape for the closest possible uniform shave. This also makes it easy to get around difficult areas such as the chin and neck.

Replaceable head & blades – the cutting head with gold titanium foils and forged cutters can be removed and replaced when you need that razor-sharp cutting experience again.

Gentle on skin – hypoallergenic gold titanium foils work to keep skin free of razor bumps, ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

Click here for the official replacement foil assembly.

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Gamma Più have been at the forefront of the hair industry for over 40 years years, priding themselves in producing professional beauty styling tools. Their pursuit of this goal has propelled us to the forefront of the professional hair care market and building a solid network covering 50 countries worldwide. The company has gained a reputation for high quality tools at affordable prices.




Gamma Più – Designed, Manufactured and Shipped from Italy

Gamma Più is a leading manufacturer of professional hair dryers and after 30 years of specialized experience, their dryers still blow new, fresh air! Constant and ongoing research for technological innovation results in cutting-edge products for even better results.

Development, production and control are fully implemented in their factory which is the key for delivering high quality. Each component is carefully selected and crafted to create safe, reliable and high-performing products. They are strictly tested and checked one by one to make sure they are absolutely up to the highest standards.




  • 30 years of continuous research and development for the highest possible quality

  • Cutting-edge technologies paving the way forward for the hair dryer industry

  • Quality assurance and standards for all models


  • In-house design and production according to high quality standards so everything is accounted for

  • Technology designed and developed in Italy, one of the world’s leading developers of hair dryers for the professional industry

  • Compliant with international standards and certifications


  • Quintessential Italian style and design

  • Shaped and finished for maximum efficiency, comfort of use and beauty

  • Unique lines and profiles that make Gamma Più unique and special

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