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Quick, simple and easy – that is the way hair color should be. Introducing premium men’s beard hair color completed in as little as 10 minutes. No hair damage, no long wait times and no lengthy clean ups. 

Changes to beard colour has a dramatic effect on an overall look and instantly delivers a more youthful appearance. This smooth color gel, formulated with innovative polymers and no greasy substances, delivers natural-looking color in just a few minutes. Color pigments are easily absorbed on the surface of the hair shaft and provide a natural, reflective tone so no one can tell it is artificial color. The end color result is gentle, discreet and natural enough without being obvious that the hair color has been changed. Color can be gradually darkened with further applications over time for a subtle shift in results to maintain discretion.

Available in 3 different tones for flexibility and the most natural finish. Color can be controlled by re-applying for more intense colour or washing out for gradual reduction in color intensity. In addition to color, the gel adds definition, immediate shine, strength and control for sculpted looks.

Color is left in the hair for 5-10 minutes. The longer it is left in the hair, the more intense the color results. Hair is left soft, supple, shiny and damage-free. This 2-in-1 color not only imparts natural color, but improves the hair’s overall condition. Results will last up to 4 weeks. Hair will have renewed strength and natural-looking colour for a fresher, more youthful look.

Color is to be mixed with the Color Activator for the most effective results.

Note: Color most suited for shades of white and grey hair for the most effective color results. Can be used on darker brown and blonde beard hair for more discreet color and to mask unwanted red, yellow and brass tones.



How to use:

    • 1. Mix desired amount of color with Color Activator in a mixing or tint bowl with a 1: 1,5 ratio.
    • It is recommended to only use the Beard Club Beard Color Activator with the Beard Color Gel for the best results. Using a different activator can lead to unpredictable results
    • 2. Thoroughly mix together with tint brush or equivalent.
    • 3. Apply formula to desired sections of beard and facial hair with tint brush or hands (use gloves to protect hands). If large sections of hair need to be covered, an applicator bottle can be used to dispense onto the hair. All of these coloring tools can be found here.
    • 4. Leave in hair for 5-10 minutes. The longer it is left in, the darker and more intense the color will be. Do not leave in hair for longer than 10 minutes.
    • 5. Rinse or wash out formula. Color results will last for up to 4 weeks depending on how often the hair is washed and if any color reviving shampoo or treatment is used. Reapply color when needed. There are Color Shampoos and Color Treatments available to extend the life of the color.



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Premium Italian Men’s Care

Originating in Italy, Beard Club’s mission is to provide top-of-the-line men’s grooming products with no frills or confusion. Simple, honest, premium hair and facial care – a brand that men really want. A complete range of products to meet specific demands of modern men’s style and care. Beard Club is an evolution of the latest trends, tailored to contemporary men’s care. Features products researched and developed from traditional formulas for modern solutions. A stylish, yet classic, reinterpretation for today’s man.
Beard Club is an answer to the needs of today’s professional men – quality, state-of-the-art products that can keep up with a daily schedule busier than ever. Born, designed, formulated, packaged and shipped from Italy, the home of the latest in men’s hair care and fashion. There’s no pretending with Beard Club. It just works.


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