Affordable Olivia Garden scissors

If you thought Olivia Garden’s range of hair brushes were all-encompassing, their range of scissors will cement their stellar reputation. Up until recently, the general public could not get access to the grade of scissors used by professionals in a salon. They were either untenably expensive at retail price, or they were just not suitable for at-home use. Their ultra-premium quality was well out of reach of what the average home user would use them for. Olivia Garden was part of the change bringing professional-grade scissors to the public, most notably with their range of SilkCut scissors.

SilkCut is known for their all-rounder performance. Their price point makes them ideal for use at home. These are hand-crafted with the finest Japanese steel. The finest Japanese steel, renowned for its exceptional quality and longevity, is used for these precision tools. Sharp blades are the essential feature for haircuts. For a clean and neat cut, this is an absolute must. The SilkCut fulfills this requirement thanks to the hardness of the used steel and the sharp cutting edges. There is no need to be intimidated by professional scissors anymore. These are easy pick-up-and use tools for everyone’s unique cutting requirements.