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Heat resistant powerhouse

Some of us really like styling or drying hair with high heat. Some of us just like the idea that our brush can handle any heat we throw at it. Regardless of why you like heat-resistant brushes, the HeatPro range from Olivia Garden is sure to scratch that itch.

Everything about the HeatPro range is designed to maximise heat distribution to the hair. Copper ceramic barrels heat up super quick and retain heat much longer than conventional brushes. Exclusive Nylgard™ bristles offer unmatched heat resistance up to 290°C. These bristles are only used in HeatPro brushes. They are soft-tipped so they are gentle on hair and scalp.

Much research and development was invested when creating HeatPro. High-grade polycarbonate materials are used to protect the brushes from heat on a long-term basis. However, we must state that while these brushes are supremely capable when it comes to heat, care should still be taken to keep them in working order. They are not completely impervious to heat, so no exposure to the most extreme heat possible. This is mainly from keeping them continuously exposed to extreme heat in an enclosed environment. Apart from that, you can expect a long and happy experience with these brushes.