Environmentally Friendly


Environmentally friendly options

The hair care industry is one of the worst in terms of product wastage. The industry is fraught with single use plastics and materials that almost all end up in landfills or other areas of the environment. In the past, this was not nearly as much of an issue as today. In today’s culture, you have to be doing your part to reduce wastage in production. It is healthy for your brand image and it makes a difference, no matter how small. This is the category for Olivia Garden’s environmentally sustainable ranges – Environmentally Friendly.

Brushes and combs belonging to the Environmentally Friendly ranges need to meet certain criteria. There needs to be a form of sustainability for these tools. That can be using more sustainable or recyclable materials. The Healthy Hair range utilises sustainable bamboo for brush and comb handles, shifting away from single use plastics or wood. This also gives the benefit of the tools being more lightweight. NewCycle is about giving new life to previously discarded items. Brushes in this range are mostly made of plastics and materials from appliances with a finished life cycle. These materials are given a new life in the form of these brushes.