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Showing 1–28 of 31 results

Everyday styling master

The brush you choose to pick up and use everyday must have a special place in your heart. It must suit your styling habits, brushing technique, and the other styling tools you use with a brush. The daunting task is trying to find the right brush for your daily routine. That is the purpose of the Ceramic + Ion brush selection from Olivia Garden. Arguably the brand’s most recognisable brush type, the brushes in this category are daily brushing masters.

What makes these brushes so good for daily use. It is their versatility. Ceramic + Ion brushes have been developed for decades through intense research and development. Every iteration of the brush saw fine tuning to bring it closer and closer to perfection. What is the kind of technology in such a brush? For starters is the ceramic barrels. These barrels heat up faster and retain heat longer – the ideal match for hair dryers. Ionic technology bristles add shine, eliminate frizz, and tame fly-away bits spoiling a style.

One of the most defining factors differentiating a normal brush and a great brush is the way the handle integrates with the barrel. Brushes with a definitive divide between the two, normally between a ring of some kind, are plagued with hair catching and tugging issues. Ceramic + Ion brushes do not have this problem. These brushes have a seamless connection between the handle and barrel, meaning no tugging or pulling of hair during styling.