Revive for Non-Coloured Hair

It’s time to act against hair loss

Bosley’s Revive for Coloured Hair range of products is for those who are already experiencing hair loss and thinning. These products aim to slow its progression and help revive dormant hair follicles through the process of toxin removal on the scalp.

The right reactive treatment to hair loss

When it comes to hair loss and thinning, preventing it is easier that reviving what is already lost. For many, that is no longer applicable as they may have experienced hair loss already. In such cases, immediate treatment is recommended, even if you think you are too far gone. Better late than never. That is the purpose of the Revive for Non-Coloured Hair range from Bosley.

Over the last few years, you may have noticed a change to your hairline. What was a full line of healthy hair looks disrupted and retreated. Hair loss can be down to a number of reasons such as a poor lifestyle, restriction of blood flow to the scalp or DHT inhibiting nutrients from reaching hair follicles. A general consensus for many cases of hair loss is a buildup of toxins like DHT on the scalp surface and just below the skin. For those with hair loss already, these toxins have likely left damage in their wake. It is important to remove these toxins from the skin as soon as possible so hair has a healthy foundation on which to grow. Dormant hair follicles also have a chance to steadily regrow back thicker. Bosley’s Revive for Non-Coloured Hair range is for those looking to do so and have already experienced noticeable thinning or loss.