MendXtend Strengthening System

Prevent damage and promote hair growth

Bosley’s MendXtend strengthening system range of products actively prevent and revive hair loss, especially in cases where it is caused by hair damage. MendXtend works to counter the effects of hair loss, targeting areas of fine, thinning, bleached or heat-damaged hair lacking fullness and unable to grow longer without breaking.

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Showing all 4 results

Promote Growth & Prevent Hair Loss

MendXtend Strengthening System is a hair loss and thinning treatment program formulated by BOSLEY as an amalgamation of decades of experience in the hair loss world. BOSLEY took everything they learned over decades of experience and research and created a line of products for real results against this ailment affecting many millions of people around the world.

Dedicated use of these products is shown to result in longer, thicker, fuller-looking hair. BOSLEY’s Tri Bond phyto-molecular technology prevents breakage from the innermost layer of hair while DHT inhibitors promote hair growth. Every product in the MendXtend Strengthening System features this technology.

Men and women experience hair loss. While the issue of men’s hair loss is much greater, women are highly susceptible as well. There are many possible reasons why. Our very stressful and fast-paced lifestyles can prevent healthy hair growth. A poor lifestyle with bad habits, taking certain medication, exposure to toxic elements, illness, or just plain genetics are also factors to consider. Sometimes it can also be excessive product and chemical exposure causing hair to break, fall out and not grow back as normal.