Defense for Coloured Hair

Protect what’s yours

Bosley’s Defense for Coloured Hair range of products aims to prevent hair loss and thinning for those who have not yet experienced it. This is ideal for those looking for a proactive protective solution against this exceedingly common ailment. Recommended for people who colour their hair.

Defense is the best offense

When it comes to hair loss and thinning, preventing it is easier that reviving what is already lost. That is the purpose of the Defense for Coloured Hair range from Bosley.

You are likely worried about keeping the hair you already have. You may see others in your family who have experienced hair loss or thinning and you want to be proactive in your measures to preventing it from happening to you. Hair loss can be down to a number of reasons such as a poor lifestyle, restriction of blood flow to the scalp or DHT inhibiting nutrients from reaching hair follicles. A general consensus for many cases of hair loss is a buildup of toxins like DHT on the scalp surface and just below the skin. It is important to remove these toxins from the skin so hair has a healthy foundation on which to grow. Bosley’s Defense for Coloured Hair range is for those looking to do so and have not yet experienced noticeable thinning or loss.