BosVolumize Hair Styling

Style and protect new hair growth

Bosley’s BosVolumize Hair Styling range of products is designed to give you styling options for your results. New hair growth is delicate while it regains is strength, and these products are supremely gentle and give you manageability for many different styles.

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Showing all 3 results

Show off your results

If you have remained disciplined to your hair regrowth or prevention plan, you are likely to see results within several months. Everyone’s results will be different, but any progress is good progress. At this point you are probably keen to show off your results, and Bosley’s BosVolumize Hair Styling will make that happen.

The main aim of the BosVolumize Hair Styling range is to offer gentle hair styling for recovering hair. Hair that is growing back after periods of being dormant is sensitive and fragile while it regains its strength. These products use supremely gentle ingredients to take this delicate hair and give it styling options.