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Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorditioner with BondFix, Sunstone Blonde
Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorditioner with BondFix, Sunstone Blonde Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorditioner with BondFix, Sunstone Blonde Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorditioner with BondFix, Sunstone Blonde

Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorditioner with BondFix, Sunstone Blonde

SKU: 15006

Maintain blonde tones, foil highlights, balayage and all blonde hair.

Timed-release color deposit conditioner that adds more color the longer it is left on. Provides intense conditioning, strengthening and rebuilding of bonds whilst depositing color. The amount of color will depend on the length of time left in the hair with more color deposited the longer it is left.

Fix your bonds while you refresh your color. One application results in 3x stronger and healthier hair. Use continuously for stronger and healthier hair.

REBUILDS  REGENERATES  REPAIRS BONDS — for bleached, colored, fragile and dry hair to to improve integrity of the hair.

Absorbs where it's needed most from the deep, inner cortex outwards. Transforms fragile, bleached, over-porous hair into healthy, smooth, vibrant locks. Works inside hair structure rather than surface of strand so there is no weigh down. Hair is stronger with less breakage to counter damaging effects of lightening chemicals.

MAINTAIN OR BOOST COLOR — use to tone, adjust, refine and personalize your color to keep it constant or create amazingly bright and vibrant shades. Maintain your color from home to stop any washout and fade for salon-fresh color every day.

ALL DAY PROTECTION  Protects against sun and environmental damage that causes color fade and washout. Hair is protected against heat damage from hot styling tools, maintaining color integrity further.


  • Colorposit™: More color with multiple applications. Continuous use adds and replenishes color, preventing hair color from looking faded.

  • SemiTemporary Color: The more often you use it, the less temporary it is.

  • Toner: foil highlights, special effects or balayage.

  • Tone Booster: Intensify or change the tone of lightened hair.

  • Maintain all colors and multi-color effects: Pieces, melts, unicorns and mermaids: Isolate pieces or blend multi-color effects by using color on the entire head.

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More information is also available in included videos on right side of the page to show end results and how to use the product.

Hybrid - Conditioner • Toner • Color

Rebuilds Bonds, Repairs Lightened & Fragile Hair. Built-in bond re-builder that protects against dry hair and prevents damage.


Features BondFix™ - Results in 3x stronger hair with continued use. The 1st proprietary technology that strengthens at the molecular level with intense conditioning, color and moisturizing. Rebuilds, regenerates and repairs bleached, lightened and fragile hair. Deeply penetrates hair fibers to rebuild broken bonds, targeting more porous areas.

  • Rebuilds hydrogen, ionic and disulfide bonds within the structure of the hair for strength and moisture.
  • Penetrates deep into hair fibers, to revive, regenerate and strengthen fragile, bleached hair from the inside-out.
  • Continual bond building with normal use, restores hair fiber strength back to virgin hair feel.
  • Bondurance™: Durable conditioning, extreme detangling, reduces breakage up to five washes.
  • Restores hair to a hydrophobic, water-resistant state, evening porosity.
  • Sulfate, paraben, peroxide, PPD, ammonia and gluten-free and is 100% vegan with no animal testing.


How to use:

Use after a coloring service. It is recommended to apply the formula to clean hair. You can wash hair with Moisturewash™ (for moisture) or Shinewash™ (for shine) to prepare the hair for color deposit. A clean hair base results in better color retention. Other professional shampoos can be used but color is optimized with Celeb Luxury washes.

To maintain color or as a conditioning tone booster: Apply generous amount evenly to clean, damp hair. Leave on 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly. You can also alternate with a no color conditioner such as BondFix™, Bonditioner® or Blonditioner® to prevent the color from becoming too intense.

To increase depth of color: Re-apply formula or leave formula on clean hair for longer period and rinse thoroughly. Maximum color deposit occurs at 20 minutes.

Note: The amount of color deposited depends on the length of time Colorditioner® is left in the hair (longer time = more color).

Finish with Secret Fix Anti-Tangler for environmental and color protection.



How often can I use Colorwash®?

Start using Gem Lites® Colorwash® right after any color service. Adopt an option listed above. Continuous use prevents color from looking washed out and faded. Those with more than one highlight color should choose the color that best matches the lightest color in their hair. Use every time you want to refresh color, intensify the shade or darken the color. You should not use use a lighter Colorwash® than the color of your hair as it will not lighten.

Do I use Gem Lites® Colorwash® or Colorditioner®?

Colorwash® acts as a shampoo with gentle cleansing and clarifying while depositing extreme color at once as soon as applied to hair. Complete color deposit is achieved once lather turns white. Colorditioner® acts as a conditioner and provides intense conditioning, strengthening and rebuilding of bonds whilst depositing color. The amount of color will depend on the length of time left in the hair with more color deposited the longer it is left.

Can I use Gem Lites® Colorwash® and Colorditioner® together?

Yes. The same shade of Colorwash and Colorditioner used together will add more color intensity. Different colors can be used together to create a custom color. To maintain color, alternate every other day with clear shampoo and/or conditioner.

How long does the color last?

Color will gradually wash out from the hair with subsequent washes using a clear shampoo and over time if color is not refreshed. Durability of color is dependent on the condition and porosity of the hair and the intensity of the shade. Lighter colors tend to wash out faster.

Will it cover grey or virgin hair?

Formula will not cover grey or virgin hair. It will also not lighten dark hair. It will add bright tones or make light hair appear deeper and richer based on selected color.

Can these be used on hair extensions?

Color will work well on 100% human hair extensions. It is recommended to complete a strand test first.

Does Colorditioner® work on darker hair?

On dark hair that is color-treated, you will see more of a jewel-tone effect with the bold shades.

Can these be used with a keratin treatment?

All products are suitable for hair that has a keratin treatment. It also works well for virgin hair.


Color Conditioner + BondFix

Maintains and boosts traditional haircolor.

Stops fade. Extends color. Sulfate-free.

100% vegan. No animal testing. Cruelty free.

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Our specialty is haircolor cleansing and conditioning.
Our vision is for you to love your haircolor.
We make color fade a thing of the past.
For luxurious and healthy hair.


About Us

Stop Fade. Extend haircolor happiness. Our products are 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free. Sulfate-Free. PPD-Free. Ammonia-Free. Peroxide-Free. Cruelty-Free. No Animal Testing. Health and safety are important to us. We only use direct dyes that are safe and FDA/EU compliant.


celeb vegan



Voted #1 Hair Product worldwide at Cosmoprof Bologna 2018, the global industry’s most prestigious award for mass and professional products.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Celeb Luxury
Benefits Silkier Hair, Deep Conditioning, Heat Protection, Moisturizing and Hydrating
Concerns Colour Care, Colour Fade
Colour Sunstone Blonde
Volume 244ml


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