Superplex Keratin Cool Blonde Grey Hair Essential Solution

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Build your own customized grey hair enhancement regimen with the power of Superplex and Brasil Cacau. Introduce colour, banish unwanted tones and inject deep moisture with a straightening effect for beautiful, natural grey hair. Save 10% with this 3 piece bundle.

Core Solution includes:

  • Superplex Keratin Cool Blonde Shampoo, 250ml

Hair bond repairing technology with grey hair enhancement toning. Gently cleanses the grey hair while violet toning pigments work on grey hair to enhance the colour by removing unwanted yellow and brass tones. Hair is left clean, hydrated with enhanced colour. Damaged, over-processed and fragile hair are treated and repaired with bond rebuilding technology

  • Superplex Keratin Cool Blonde Conditioner, 200ml

Counter and repair damaged hair that was exposed to harsh lightening chemicals as well as to revive and invigorate light tones and keep away warm, unwanted brass. Special boosting keratin extending ingredients keep blondes cool with intense reflection and shine. Protects the hair from environmental exposures so natural grey is protected.

  • Brasil Cacau Gradual Smooth Serum, 215ml

Revolutionary smoothing and straightening treatment technology that finishes the regimen for enhancing grey hair. Memory effect and frizz control treatment that gives an instant and easy straight hair effect with long-lasting results. A few sprays creates instant straight hair and the more you use it, the straighter your hair gets. An excellent choice for natural grey hair that is typically wiry, unmanageable and hard to style. Provides humidity protection, prevents the formation of frizz and smooths the hair cuticle.

These products are included in the price

Optional add-on products

BOOSTER RANGE (Enhance your core solution)
FINISHER RANGE (Complete the journey to great hair)


Why Choose Cool Blonde?

High Performance – all Superplex products contain Polyamino Sugar Condensate, created to give strength and stability to hair fibers. These products are enriched with Keratin Amino Acids, which reinforce hair for a perfect blonde.


Polyamino Sugar Condensate: a blend of proteins and sugars which act directly on disulphide bridges, responsible for the hair fiber’s consistency and stability.
Keratin Amino Acids: organic compounds that are building blocks of proteins. They act as a Keratin Filling Booster.






Why use Booster and After-Lightening Bonding?

  • Integrated Keratin Bonder helps create new bonds and to stabilize the hair structure to stop the chemical effect caused during lightening services for more beautiful, healthy hair.
  • Keratin-based formula reinforces and preserves Keratin infused in the hair
  • Prolongs colour results for long-lasting shine, frizz reduction, improved control and smoothness with less hair breakage


Damage Gone Forever

The specialist brand for direct treatment of damaged hair. A bond repairing hair care brand that immediately rehabilitates and repairs broken hair bonds caused by exposure to salon chemicals and excessive styling tool heat. The benefits are immediately seen and felt with soft, supple, smooth hair replacing dull, frizzy, brittle hair. Also ideal as a permanent addition to your hair regimen to keep your looks looking and feeling their best. Superplex’s gentle formula allows for long term use for permanent benefits.

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