Salon Crusader Face Shield for All Caps & Visors


An effective addition to your personal safety. A 1mm UHI Plexiglass clear face shield (21x16cm) attachable to most peak or visor caps. In addition to face masks, provides an extra barrier between your face and the environment, effectively blocking contaminants from vulnerable areas on the face.

Easily attaches to most cap visors. Designed to sit comfortably in front of the face without discomfort. Can be moved closer or further away from your face depending on your requirements and visor design. Can be worn with a face mask and glasses. Its clear material and curved design does not limit visibility. Ventilation slats located just under your cap’s visor prevent condensation build-up. Small holes below chin level help project your voice. 20.5cm high x 16cm wide.

An ideal solution for professionals and hairdressers to protect themselves and their clients during services.

Designed and manufactured exclusively for us. Made in South Africa.

NB: cap/visor not included.

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