OSMO Color Psycho Starter Kit, 7 Colors


The ultimate starter kit for Osmo Color Psycho fans. A kit that includes the most popular shades with the Color Tamer to create beautiful and soft pastel shades.


  • Wild Rouge, 150ml
  • Wild Cobalt, 150ml
  • Wild Orange, 150ml
  • Wild Yellow, 150ml
  • Wild Fuschia, 150ml
  • Wild Green, 150ml
  • Wild Black, 150ml
  • Color Tamer, 250ml
  • Shade Chart
  • Psycho Guide


A semi-permanent hair color collection that will challenge your inner crazy to the limits. With outrageously wild shades to choose from, Color Psycho® knows no boundaries. Do not mix with peroxide. To ensure the color is as expected, test on a small swatch before application.

To achieve exotic, vibrant semi-permanent results, hair must be porous or processed before application. For best results, use on pre-lightened hair.

For the most vibrant color results, apply color to blonde hair lifted to a level 9 or 10, especially for lighter shades.

Use the Color Tamer to tame wild shades and create beautiful pastel effects with shining results. Blend with a colour shade in a mixing bowl to create a unique pastel effect. Vary the mixing ratio to reach the desired color and pastel effect. Works to transform colour to a more soothing, desaturated and soft shade so the colour is not so intensely vibrant. Helps tone down funky colours to a more subdued shade.

Directions of use:

  • For best results, apply to pre-lightened/bleached hair.
  • After shampooing, towel dry hair and apply Color Psycho® evenly (wear gloves).
  • Leave for 15-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Tip: create beautiful, shiny pastel effects with the Osmo Psycho Color Tamer.

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OSMO is a leading haircare brand based in the U.K. with a wide variety and collection of professional products designed to give everyone the power to create with its diverse and extensive product range. OSMO’s range of products will have something for everyone and each product is carefully formulated with quality ingredients for great results. Commonly used in salons around the country and worldwide, OSMO has built a reputation as an all-encompassing haircare brand with a product for every need.



OSMO products not only perform but create an impactful visual statement for all hair types and lengths. The striking packaging, irresistible fragrance and excellent product performance ensures satisfaction. Create and manipulate any kind of hair. OSMO has created iconic, must-have products while continuously reinventing, researching and adding new products to each line. Each product is formulated, developed and tested for maximum effectiveness.



As one of the professional hair industry’s biggest success stories, OSMO has grown from modest beginnings with a cult following into a respected and trusted global brand. After launching a modest line at the turn of the new millennium, OSMO’s popularity and product line has grown substantially.
OSMO is a trend-setter, not a follower. With focus on pushing creative boundaries and developing cutting-edge products has allowed the brand to evolve and adapt. High performance products with unique formulations allows everyone to let their imagination and creativity run free.

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