Lumen Vivalu Rose & Amber Perfume Rings, 6/Pack


An accessory attachable to candles to dispense perfume when the candle is lit. Intense fragrance for aromatherapy treatments. Great for meditation and relaxing.

Simply place on top of candle to allow flame to heat ring and release scents. A great way of customizing your candles for truly unique aromatherapy experiences. Immediately fills the air with relaxing scents of rose and amber to relax the senses.

How to use:

Place the ring on top of a stove or burner and light a candle below, ideally a tea light. Let ring dissolve completely, at which time maximum scent will be dispersed. The duration of each scented ring is approximately 4-5 hours. Once tea light is extinguished, the ring solidifies and can be used a second time, albeit with slightly less pungent aromas.

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Brand Lumen


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