Lumen Himalayan Salt Candle


Himalayan salt candle of different sizes. Ideal for aromatherapy treatments to calm senses and relax the body and mind.

Brings rejuvenation and revitalisation from the outdoors to any room you place them in. The warm air of the flame disperses salt ions, creating balance, positive ambience and the perfumed oils contained within the candle provide a sense of well-being.

The benefits of using a Himalayan salt candle are extensive. These candles are known for their cleansing benefits. Once lit, salt candles release negatively charged ions and these ions combat air pollution from electronics in stuffy rooms.

Salt candles are also known for removing toxins and dust from the air. Air quality in homes is often poor and airborne pollutants and particles can cause health issues. These toxins are drawn to the salt candle once it is lit, causing them to setting on the candle surface, leaving the air cleaner. In turn, these candles reduce allergic reactions and make the home feel fresh and clean.

Himalayan candles are most known for improving moods and the ambience of the home. The warm and relaxing light of the natural pink salt is a natural relaxer as it mimics the warm glow of the sun. They are known to reduce anxiety and stress. The living space is much healthier and more welcoming.


Oligo Elementi, the fragrance that contains the scent of mountain glaciers.
How to use:
For correct combustion, keep the candle lit for no more than 2-3 hours at a time. After each use, shorten the wick by about 5mm. When heated, the walls of the candle are very delicate – do not touch candle when lit.

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