Hannon Post Peel Recovery Crème, 50ml


A recovery crème to assist with the healing of the skin after a chemical peel treatment. The skin is very sensitive and vulnerable after a chemical peel and requires the right ingredients to soothe the skin so it can return to its normal state as quick as possible.

Contains ingredients to calm irritation and prevent inflammation on the treated skin. Nourishing ingredients will enhance the results of the chemical peel and help restore a healthy skin surface. Use for the first week after the chemical peel every few hours or whenever the skin feels dry so the skin can heal.

This face crème can also be used as an everyday moisturizer for mature skin which is often thin, prone to dryness and needs an extra boost of hydration to protect the skin.

Active Ingredients:

  • Glycerin – provides moisture that the skin retains for a soft and smooth look and feel
  • Isopropyl Myristate – assists in quicker penetration of the product and leaves a slicker, silky, sheer feel rather than an oily feel
  • Grapeseed oil – antioxidant rich in vitamins and collagen to moisturize and tighten the skin, balancing both dry and oily patches to reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation for an anti-ageing effect
  • Sunflower oil – rich in nutrients and loaded with fatty acids and vitamins, effective ingredients against acne, inflammation, general redness and skin irritations

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Local Superstar

Hannon has become a staple and household brand in South Africa, a brand synonymous with affordable and luxury hair and beauty products. Popularized by the its incredibly long tenure in the public eye in television, magazines and social media, the Hannon brand is known for its ability to achieve quick makeovers and transform looks from dull to fab. 
Extensive experience and expertise in the industry has led Hannon to be a force in the professional and consumer hair care and beauty market with their wide array of products for all needs and desires. Every product is created only after extensive research and development, all while maintaining its affordability. The brand’s popularity has led to Hannon products becoming a go-to for a huge number of South Africans.

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