Hygiene & Protection Pack


**Contents may differ slightly according to stock quantities.**

The comprehensive hygiene and sanitizing pack for protection against harmful germs and bacteria. A pack with disinfection and personal protection products to keep you safe.


  • Cotton Face Mask Elasticated, Assorted Colours – Soft and thick cotton face mask to securely cover mouth and nose area. Elasticated that fits all head sizes. Available in assorted colours.
  • Salon Crusader Face Shield for All Caps – 20.5cm high x 16cm wide clear plexiglass face shield attachable to most peak or visor caps that provides an extra barrier between your face and the environment, effectively blocking contaminants from vulnerable areas on the face.
  • Salon Fuels Sanitizing Surface Spray, 70% Alcohol, 250ml – Hospital-grade sanitizing surface spray. Sprays a fine mist of sanitizing solution that quickly and effectively cleans and sanitizes surfaces. Its 70% alcohol base ensures the formula dries very quickly after discharging. Instantly kills germs and bacteria on any surface. Also ideal for keeping the face shield and mask sterilized.

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