Purple Colorwash Bundle


Begin by selecting your desired Celeb Luxury Viral® color. Your chosen color will be bundled with the Celeb Luxury Blonditioner® and Smoothing Leave-In Styler.

Build your own customized hair color rejuvenation and maintenance regimen with the power of Celeb Luxury. Fight the fade for amazing color today. Save 10% with this 3 piece bundle. A 100% sulfate-free, paraben-free and vegan solution.

Core Solution includes:

  • Celeb Luxury Viral® Colorwash®, 244ml
  • Maintain bold color with one simple wash. Real color with hi-lather cleansing, hi-gloss shine and hi-conditioning results. Semi-permanent shampoo to maintain color or add fashionable, funky colors. Use after coloring service for extreme color deposit.

    Instantly adds rich, bold color with benefits of cleansing shampoo. Maintain, correct and boost color brilliance. Stops visible washout and fade with a smooth, luxurious feeling. Use to brighten and blend a multi-color effect on the entire head for a melting effect or isolate hair pieces and strands for funky streaks.

  • Celeb Luxury Viral Dual-Use Blonditioner, 244ml
  • Intense conditioner to hydrate, strengthen and build bonds for color protection. Use as a pre-wash for fragile, dry, porous, bleached and damaged hair for correction and to prep for maximum color deposit with Colorwash®. Use after Colorwash® for nourishment, moisture and conditioning to finish deposit by restoring hair health.

    Primes the hair and is a finishing product to protect against frizz, seal cuticles, protect hair against fade and provide intense moisture.

  • Celeb Luxury Viral Smoothing Leave-In Styler, 100ml
  • Perfect for all hair types and texture. Use after Colorwash® and conditioner to seal cuticles, provide environmental protection for colour and use as a styling agent. Protects integrity of bold colors for long-lasting results with added benefits of improved hair feeling and condition.

    Detangles, reduces breakages, protects against humidity, improves hair texture, imparts glossy shine and provides protection against UV rays and heat from hot tools.

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