Bioplastia Keratin Reconstructive Home Care Shampoo, 240ml


The home care range from Bioplastia formulated to facilitate the repair of damaged hair caused by chemicals and tools used in a salon. Ideal for hair that has received a service and requires rehabilitation to enhance the results of the service and to bring the hair back to a healthy state. Continuous use significantly reduces damage and protects the hair from future damage.

A home care shampoo for damage. Provides internal and external capillary fibre reconstruction for a system that replenishes mass loss inside the hair shaft, working in the cortex of each strand to effectively rehabilitate the hair, repair damage and seal the cuticles for protection. Provides gentle cleansing and moisturises the hair for softness and shine for long-lasting damage protection.

Use to support the rehabilitation of hair for all degree of damage from mild to severe.

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Bioplastia is Brazil’s best selling and most used hair reconstructor range. Often called the SOS Hair Rescue System, Bioplastia is a specialised hair care range for treating damaged hair with immediate restoration and reinvigoration (commonly referred to as hair filling). A selection of products that provide relief to traumatised hair as a result of various intrusive salon treatments that use hair-damaging chemicals and tools.
Bioplastia is a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibres with a keratin filler. The treatment fills in any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make hair appear more full and lustrous. The range features innovative and effective products that return damaged, brittle and breaking hair to a healthy state with suppleness, elasticity, shine and softness without the use of any formaldehyde-releasing ingredients.
With high rebuilding power, Bioplastia treatment products restore the lost mass of the hair shaft, completely filling the cortex and sealing the cuticles for protection. These products have immediate action and are recommended for use before and after any chemical treatment.

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