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Doing your hair and nails at home?

Click to see our range of product packs for home colouring, cutting and straightening, as well as for nail maintenance.


Dazzle With Vibrant Wigs

A new trend

Wigs are no longer just a way of subtly covering the head. Wigs are now a form of expression and are a commitment-free way of showcasing wacky and eccentric styles. The technology used in wigs has transformed the way people view them. Wigs can look and feel so real that no one can suspect it isn't your real hair.

Explore our range of wigs, particularly the range offered by Hairdo. Their range of wigs are made of synthetic fibers that look and feel virtually identical to real hair - but without the hassle and maintenance of real hair. Hairdo wigs are incredibly vibrant and can totally transform any look. These wigs are designed in such a way that they work perfectly for everyday wear but are also perfect for special occasions when you need to turn the heat up.