Saphir Shaving Brush with White Boar Bristles


The perfect accessory for a well-cut beard.

Thanks to its good density of soft, natural bristles with a rounded shape, this brush gently helps to apply any barber soap. Bristles are supremely gentle on the skin, also working to distribute soap on the face. Its wooden handle gives an authentic feel to shaving sessions.

Apply soap directly on the wet bristles, then directly to the face where needed, using circular movements until the soap perfectly blends with facial hair.

It is recommended to clean the brush after each use with soap or shampoo and water. Let it air dry upright with bristles facing down, ideally done with a drying stand.

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Saphir brings you their expertise to design and manufacture beauty accessories, by offering the most beautiful hair products.
Saphir’s synergy of skills is the guarantee of the best end result. Taking charge of every step of the manufacturing process, Saphir combines artisinal craftsmanship with professional-grade quality standards for all products.
All products are designed, created and packaged in France to exacting standards of professionals in the hair industry, undergoing rigorous testing from design to delivery.
Saphir products benefit from 20 years of experience accumulated in the hairdressing industry.


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