L’Action Paris Strengthening Eyelash Treatment


A transparent mascara containing pro-vitamin B5 to greatly strengthen lashes and improve their appearance. Vitamin to moisturises and stimulates growth of lashes.

This treatment cares for lashes on a daily basis as it gradually lengthens and thickens lashes for a fuller lash look. Perfect for damaged, overplucked, thinning, brittle or sparse lashes. Lashes are also left silky-soft and perfectly-curled. Can be used on its own or under your preferred mascara.

Active ingredients:

  • Pro-vitamin B5: protects and strengthens lashes
  • Vitamin E: hydrating and antioxidant
  • PVP: polymer that defines and curls lashes

How to use: apply on untreated, clean lashes, and leave to dry. Your can then apply your usual mascara if needed.



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One Time Hair & Beauty Solutions

L’Action Paris was launched in Paris in 1995 and they passionately create a range of market-leading health and beauty treatments. Their products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide and growing. Dedicated to bring the highest quality health and beauty treatments for all kinds of situations, L’Action Paris constantly strive to source the finest and most effective ingredients from around the world – only the very best make the grade. Each treatment is intended to be problem-specific, very quick and ultra-effective with concentrated ingredients to match the fast pace of life. This allows each product to produce maximum results.
L’Action Paris produce a large range of on-the-go cosmetic treatment products for hair and beauty. Made using the highest production standards, these products do not compromise on quality at all. Their products are small, effective and are easy to carry and use any time, day or night for active beauty. This brand is the answer to anyone’s hair and cosmetic problems. Easy to use, easy to understand.



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