Gummy Bump Repair


For treatment of razor bumps and ingrown hair. This product cleanses the skin and removes the accumulated dirt and oil on the skin surface to remove bumps and ingrown hairs.

Contains salicylic acid and willow bark extract to help heal painful, irritated bumps and prevents the formation of acne by opening the pores filled with dirt and oil. Acts as an alternative to painful and time-consuming methods like needles, tweezer and laser treatments.

Provides relief from itchy bumps, irritated red skin and painful pimples from razor bumps and ingrown hair. These are mainly caused by shaving, waxing epilation and the hair not growing back correctly as the follicle curls back into the skin after being cut or removed.

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Over 55 years of experience and exported to 65 countries, Gummy, a professional men’s cosmetics brand, has become an indispensable choice for men’s hair salons and consumers in Europe and the world thanks to its innovative, technical and functional products.

Gummy is one of the pioneering Men’s Professional Brands made in Turkey.

Products produced under the Gummy Professional brand include hair styling, hair care, shaving, after-shave and personal care products. Their formula used in these products is developed after a long research process in compliance with European Union standards and has been certified by OBELIS Belgium according to EU Regulations.



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