Gamma Più Hair Dryer Barber Phon Old Style (2000W)


A dedicated facial hair dryer 100% designed in Italy to keep your beard and moustache looking its absolute best. One of the only hair dryers designed for this kind of hair, the Barber Phon is designed for ideal drying of the beard and moustache area and maintain natural hydration.

Thanks to the special insulation of the heating element, the barrel does not heat up and you can can handle the dryer from the barrel without risk of burning. The dryer’s total length of 223mm provides optimal leverage. Also features an ergonomic grip that makes it comfortable to use for long periods. Tourmaline technology ionizes the air to revitalize hair, beard and moustache regions for exceptional shine and soft feeling. This technology also provides hair stem protection.

The Gamma Più Barber Phon features an old style rust look and produces 2000W with an airflow of 93.6 m³/h at a sturdy weight of 550g. Its versatility extends to its features by having separate hair and beard settings so it can be used on hair all around the head. Features 2 heat settings, a cold shot button, dryer hook, 2 concentrator nozzles to direct airflow and a 3m bell-shaped cord for maximum accessibility and maneuverability.


Tip: applying a heat protector and styler product before blow-drying greatly improves the end result while significantly reducing heat damage. Drying time is shortened and there are enhanced benefits such as more shine, better styling and more volume. Apply to damp or dry hair before straightening or curling for enhanced benefits. The full range of heat protectors can be found here.

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Gamma Più have been at the forefront of the hair industry for over 40 years years, priding themselves in producing professional beauty styling tools. Their pursuit of this goal has propelled us to the forefront of the professional hair care market and building a solid network covering 50 countries worldwide. The company has gained a reputation for high quality tools at affordable prices.


Gamma Più – Designed, Manufactured and Shipped from Italy

Gamma Più is a leading manufacturer of professional hair dryers and after 30 years of specialized experience, their dryers still blow new, fresh air! Constant and ongoing research for technological innovation results in cutting-edge products for even better results.
Development, production and control are fully implemented in their factory which is the key for delivering high quality. Each component is carefully selected and crafted to create safe, reliable and high-performing products. They are strictly tested and checked one by one to make sure they are absolutely up to the highest standards.


  • 30 years of continuous research and development for the highest possible quality
  • Cutting-edge technologies paving the way forward for the hair dryer industry
  • Quality assurance and standards for all models


  • In-house design and production according to high quality standards so everything is accounted for
  • Technology designed and developed in Italy, one of the world’s leading developers of hair dryers for the professional industry
  • Compliant with international standards and certifications


  • Quintessential Italian style and design
  • Shaped and finished for maximum efficiency, comfort of use and beauty
  • Unique lines and profiles that make Gamma Più unique and special


Dual Ionic Technology

Ion generator with on-off switch that controls emission of negative ions depending on what style you want. Use to create hydrated, smooth hair without static with consistent volume.

Active Oxygen Technology

Motor produces active oxygen that reacts with the hair’s molecules for longer-lasting shine and smoothness. Helps to close cuticle layer for a smoother shaft and brighter result. Protects inner structure from heat to prevent damage.

Evolution Turbo Compressor Technology (E.T.C.)

Generates spiraling air pressure to dry beyond the surface of the hair. Actively penetrates deeper inside the strands for hyper-fast drying.

Nano Silver & Tourmaline Technology

Front grill of dryer covered in 99.9% silver which releases particles when heat is passed through. Provides sanitizing properties from silver. This results in a healthier scalp and hair. Tourmaline technology ionizes the hair to revitalize hair for a shinier result.

Silent Technology

Development of silent technology from a quieter motor (70 dB) without compromising performance. Improved aerodynamics of airflow substantially reduces noise and a specialized turbo fan makes for a much quieter dryer for a more pleasant drying experience.

Smart Styling Technology

Innovative smart circuit controls temperature 50 times per second to ensure consistent temperature at all times the dryer is on. This produces more consistent drying and styling results with a much improved heat recovery system. This means better stability and reliability of performance.

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