DESIGN.ME QUICKIE.ME Brunette & Dark Tones Dry Shampoo Spray


Dry shampoo spray for brunette and dark tones that absorbs, lifts and styles for quick and effective cleansing.

What it is:

A dry shampoo spray specially formulated for brunette and dark tones to protect the vibrancy and integrity of those dark and rich colours while providing instant cleansing. Features a unique rice starch formula that absorbs dirt, oil and debris build-up, lifts for more volume and styles the hair without the need for water. It is a fast, proven way to clean and refresh hair when there’s no time for a shower and you need an instant refresh and a clean base.

Key benefits:

  • Rice starch absorbs oils and gives volume while the cetrimonium chloride and disiloxane condition for an instant cleanse
  • Maintains the tone and appearance of bold and rich brunette and dark tones so you can cleanse without worrying about your colour
  • Quickie cleanse, refresh and volume
  • Conditions by preventing static and build-up in the hair
  • Does not leave a white or sticky residue on the hair

How to use:

Shake well and spray 6-8 inches from dry hair. Let formula dry, massage and brush out as desired.

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DESIGN.ME was a light bulb moment shared by 4 friends – one that has evolved into a full-line brand focusing on creativity, possibility and innovation. Used by both hair stylists and the public, DESIGN.ME products give hair sheen, oomph, volume and styling speed. These high quality products are cruelty-free and contain not one single drop of harmful sulfates, parabens or gluten.


DESIGN.ME is the heads-up the industry has been craving: a hair care and styling line that lets originality let loose. Your hair was always willing to play nice; it was just waiting for products to play nice with. DESIGN.ME for you.


From the start, DESIGN.ME have set out to create choice products that would turn heads with unique formulations, special features and colourful branding. The idea was to help designers unleash their rebellious, creative, sassy sides. That kind of thinking has turned them into one of the fastest growing hair care and styling companies in North America.

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