Dashing Diva Cotton Swipie Ear Buds, 100/Packet


Disposable ear buds. Ideal for personal hygiene and for use during make-up and spa sessions. Soft cotton material that is gentle for sensitive skin types.

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Who We Are

At Dashing Diva, our mission is to offer magical nail moments by reimagining the traditional manicure. We provide cutting-edge, trendy and creative nail solutions that deliver salon quality results. Through genius innovation, we deliver transformational products that are fun, quick, safe – and always easy to apply.


What We Sell

Innovative nail care products that maximize quality, comfort durability and styles. With the belief that nails are a canvas for self-expression and self-care, Dashing Diva continues to push the envelope, surpassing the salon looks with fun, simple and chic products.

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