COVID Hair Detangling Solution Kit


**Contents may differ slightly according to stock quantities.**

Dealing with tangles and knots at a stressful time like this is not ideal. Brushing and styling your hair is not meant to be painful or unpleasant. This detangling kit includes everything you need to brush out those knots and take care of your hair.

Kit includes a FREE 10 piece packet of surgical 3-ply face masks so you can stay safe and healthy.



  • WetBrush Happy Hair Fantasy Brush – gentle bristles plus playful patterns make detangling fun and easy. Eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping of the hair to ensure no split ends or hair loss while providing healthy brushing and detangling.
  • ColorpHlex Strengthening Shampoo, 30ml – ideal for hair that shows any signs of visible dullness, dryness, brittleness and weakness by correcting the hair to its natural, healthy state.
  • ColorpHlex Strengthening Conditioner, 30ml – repairs and rehabilitates hair subjected to harmful environmental exposures, chemicals and excessive heat by creating a protective shield around the hair shaft.
  • ColorpHlex Strengthening Detangler, 30ml – detangler that also adds shine and promotes healthier-looking, soft hair. Reduces split ends and hair breakage for enhanced body.
  • EZ Bobbles Hair Rings, 3/Pack – leaves no trace it was ever there! Wear your hair in a ponytail all day and when you pop the EZ Bobble off, your hair goes back to the way it was before – no hairband kink. Holds your hair tight, but without causing damage or tension headaches. Very easy to attach and remove without pulling or snagging. Colour you receive will vary and is according to stock availability. Colours include cerise, purple, clear, black and white.
  • Large Detangler Comb, Black – teeth design and spaces between allow for creative styles, detangling and added volume.
  • Surgical Sanitizer Mask, 3-Ply, 10/Pack – specially designed surgical mask with 3-ply construction to effectively block harmful bacteria, germs and airborne particles from entering the mouth and nose area.


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