COVID Colour Care Pack Suggestion #2


**Contents may differ slightly according to stock quantities.**

A personalized DIY home colour care pack that has everything you need to apply hair colour at home. Includes all the tools needed to complete a salon-quality colour service with the added benefit of Loma’s repairing and moisturizing products to counteract any damage.


  • Large, Curved Tint Brush  – mixes and applies formula
  • Transparent Tint Bowl (colour may vary) – house and mix formula
  • Loma Moisturizing Shampoo – cleanses away dirt before colouring, and adds extra moisture
  • Loma Moisturizing Treatment – adds much-needed moisture and hydration to dry, compromised hair
  • Travel Bottle with Screw Cap, 100ml – fill with formula to take with you on the go
  • Salon Elements Frosty Tail Comb (colour may vary) – section and style hair for colour treatments
  • Pro-Gloves Latex Powder-Free, 2/Pack – protects hands from chemicals and colour

Pair this colour pack with your chosen colour. If you are looking for colour, see our selection of semi-permanent colour. If you do not have peroxide or developer for a colour service, or you are unsure about how to do an at-home colouring service, contact your hairdresser or salon for guidance.

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