Bosley Revive for Non-Coloured Visibly Thinning Hair Gift Pack


Ultimate Bosley kit to restore hair subjected to hair loss or thinning. A collection that includes the most important products for actively treating hair loss and thinning with visible results after continued use. Ideal for men and women as each product works to restore hair follicles for visibly thicker hair. Most people will experience some kind of hair loss in their lives and it is important to be prepared to target areas of loss or thinning in time to restore hair to its former glory.

A comprehensive pack for those with non-coloured hair already experiencing some form of hair loss or thinning. Protects hair from further hair loss or hair thinning. A revival pack for long term treatment results that removes toxins commonly known for causing hair loss and to ensure the hair grows as thick and healthy as possible.


  • Nourishing Shampoo, 150ml
  • What it is: gentle, rejuvenating, sulfate-free cleanser that removes excess oil, build-up and debris from the scalp of visibly thinning hair. Reconditions the hair while rejuvenating the scalp. Works to reverse the effects of hair loss to restore the hair for a fuller appearance. Revives the hair and protects it for the future.

    What it does: reconditions hair while rejuvenating the scalp with LifeXtend Complex Plus. Removes toxins like Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from the hair & scalp, a primary cause of hair thinning & hair loss.

    Benefits: LifeXtend Complex with Saw Palmetto hydrates and nourishes while strengthening and fortifying for thicker, fuller looking hair. Gentle, safe cleansing without potentially harmful ingredients. Soy Amino Acid penetrates the hair shaft to improve strength & help hair feel thicker.

  • Nourishing Conditioner, 150ml
  • What it is: volumizing conditioner that removes toxins like Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from the hair & scalp. Seals the cuticles for additional protection.

    What it does: infuses hair with vitality and volume while smoothing and adding shine with a thicker appearance. Hydrates and nourishes while strengthening and fortifying for fuller hair. Reconditions hair and rejuvenates the scalp.

    Benefits: Kelp Extract helps protect the hair from damage. Soy Amino Acid penetrates the hair shaft to improve strength & help hair feel thicker.

  • Thickening Treatment, 100ml
  • What it is: leave-in intensive treatment that inhibits the production and spread of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from the hair & scalp. Visibly increases hair thickness and is a superb complementary product to a Bosley shampoo and conditioner.

    What it does: reconditions and rejuvenates the hair and scalp with LifeXtend Complex. Thickening technology adds weightless volume.

    Benefits: LifeXtend Complex with Saw Palmetto hydrates, nourishes, strengthens and fortifies for fuller hair. Plankton Extract hydrates and nourishes the hair and scalp.

  • Healthy Hair Follicle Energizer, 30ml
  • What it is: leave-in treatment drops that raise follicle energy to stimulate growth.

    What it does: activates dormant hair follicles to encourage growth and promote thickness. Protects and repairs while supporting hair in areas of low density.

    Benefits: Scalp activators energize for healthier looking hair. Biotinyl-GHK fortifies, protects and repairs.

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Still not sure which Bosley system works for you? Open this product flow chart for recommendations. Click on each product for purchase links.




Noticeably thinning hair that needs a thickening boost.



The REVIVE product category is formulated for those with rapid hair loss and visible scalp. These products contain elevated levels of DHT inhibitors to help tackle hair thinning issues, while maintaining a nourished scalp and healthier looking hair.

Specifically designed for those with visible hair loss who are looking to improve the overall condition of the hair and scalp and encourage hair re-growth.


This is the right range for you if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:

    Have you noticed your hair becoming visibly thin?

    Have you experienced rapid hair loss and can see more scalp?

    Do you have areas of the scalp where hair is no longer growing?





The Thinning Hair Authority™





The world’s most recognized and trusted name in hair restoration with 45+ years of experience in the field.


BosleyMD™, the best comprehensive thinning hair solution available today.


Solutions for Men & Women.




 Developed by doctors, for you.


From shampoos and conditioners, to intensive scalp treatment products, to gender specific supplements and clinically proven hair regrowth options, BosleyMD offers solutions for anyone looking to combat thinning hair or currently struggling with hair loss, thinning, or weak hair.



What causes hair loss?

The degree of thinning can vary due to external factors, such as stress, or internal factors such as aging, genetics, quality of health, medication and sensitivity to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. While everyone produces a varying amount of DHT naturally, men and women sensitive to the hormone can experience Androgenetic Alopecia, or ‘pattern baldness.’ Typically, hair on the top, front of the head and crown are the most sensitive to DHT. Over time, this hair will become weaker, finer and may eventually stop growing. 


What kind of hair loss does Bosley treat?


Hair loss and thinning occurs mainly for men but can impact women as well. The leading cause of hair loss for men is male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. This occurs in men whose hair follicles are sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. Over time, DHT-sensitive hair (usually found on the top and front of the head) becomes weaker and finer and eventually stops growing. Most men have DHT-resistant, healthy hair follicles around the sides and back of their head, leading to the common horseshoe hair pattern on the head. This is the most common cause of male hair loss, accounting for more than 95% of all hair loss cases.

Male pattern baldness causes your hair follicles to gradually shrink over time until they stop regrowing. Without proper attention, it can eventually progress to the point where only hair on the sides and rear of the head is left. With timely treatment, this outcome can be prevented.


Hair loss for women can be related to genetics, hormones and age. Female pattern hair loss is one of the most common causes and this may be caused by a serious medical condition that needs proper attention and treatment as early as possible. The hair loss patterns in women usually differ from those in men. 

The good news is that pattern baldness is treatable. Bosley’s range of at-home products work to remove toxins from the hair and scalp so hair follicles remain healthy to grow as thick as possible. This includes the removal of DHT, the most common hormonal cause for baldness. Bosley has a range of products to treat hair already undergoing hair loss and thinning as well as a range for hair loss prevention for the future. It is much easier to prevent hair loss from starting than treating it when it has already begun.

Other common forms of hair loss or thinning can also be caused by varying forms of alopecia, thyroid issues and medical reasons. It is recommended to seek professional help these causes are the reason for your hair loss.



Why Bosley?


Bosley is the world’s most trusted and experienced hair restoration expert with their services and products. Over the past 40 years, Bosley have pioneered the art and science of hair restoration for both men and women using world-class clinical resources, research and technology.


Bosley have performed more than 300,000 hair restoration procedures with patients and have helped millions more find answers to their hair loss and hair restoration situations. Their compassionate physicians and counselors understand the challenges of dealing with hair loss and are dedicated to helping anyone with hair loss and thinning. Bosley’s research, development and experience with hair restoration treatments has led them to formulate a range of at-home treatment products for noticeable improvements in hair loss for thicker hair. Each product encompasses Bosley’s pioneering and award-winning experience in the field of hair loss.





BosleyMD is the #1 choice for treating hair loss and thinning.


All products are formulated in collaboration with Bosley doctors to ensure the most effective results.


BosleyMD care products promise thicker, fuller-looking hair in 30 days.


Category-leading gender specific products and clinically proven hair regrowth solutions to suit each individual need.


Those looking for protection and prevention from
thinning (typically a younger audience), and those having noticeably thinning hair that needs a thickening boost (typically an older audience).


BosleyMD encompasses a 360 degree approach
to scalp and hair health. Their product range includes DHT blocking shampoos, weightless conditioners and thickening treatments, volumizing styling products, healthy hair growth supplements and clinically proven hair regrowth treatments.




compared to other brands:

Bosley vs other brands


Key Ingredients




Key Bosley Product Ingredients:



Apple Stem Cell Extract

  • Anti-aging ingredient that may induce cellular renewal
  • Imparts youthful, healthy looking hair
  • Age-delaying properties


Rosemary Extract

  • Antioxidant plant-based oil
  • Reduces scalp inflammation
  • Increases scalp circulation



  • Inhibit the effects of DHT on hair and scalp
  • Increases scalp circulation and promotes healthy hair growth
  • Enhance hair shaft elongation


Vitamin D

  • Key determinant of richer, healthier hair
  • Helps reduce stress-related damage
  • Contributes to follicle health


Pumpkin Seed Extract

  • A natural DHT blocking ingredient
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Interrupts the conversion of testosterone into DHT


Saw Palmetto

  • Helps inhibit the action of DHT


Sea Kelp Extract

  • Rich in vitamins
  • Helps prevent breakage
  • DHT blocker


Soy Proteins

  • Natural DHT blocker
  • Increases circulation on the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth


Sunflower Seed Extract

  • Rich in vitamin E and density-promoting omega 3 fatty acids



  • Strengthens existing hair follicle
  • Supports hair, skin and cellular health
  • Promotes healthy scalp tissue



  • Reduces shedding
  • Promotes scalp circulation
  • Reduces inflammation



  • Maintains healthy hair
  • Supports cellular health
  • Low levels can cause hair loss


Witch Hazel Extract

  • Tightens scalp tissue
  • Reduces shedding


Bamboo Charcoal

  • Absorbs excess oil and debris
  • Detoxifies scalp
  • Promotes clean follicles


Sugar Crystals

  • Offers gentle scalp exfoliation
  • Prepares ideal foundation for hair growth


Horsetail Extract

  • Strengthens connective tissue
  • Reduces inflammation

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