Beard Club Cologne & Aftershave Atomizer Spray


The solution for perfect cologne and aftershave application. Simple and effective, this atomizer turns cologne and aftershave into a perfectly-fine mist that spreads across a large surface for maximum coverage and effectiveness. The liquid is perfectly mixed with the air and turns into a gentle and refreshing mist.

Simply attach atomizer to the Beard Club Eau De Toilette or Beard Club After Shave screw-top bottles, seal and spray away by squeezing on the pump. As the liquid interacts with the oxygen from the air in the pump, it enhances the smell and makes it last longer. The mist is instantly abosrbed by the skin with no heavy smells lingering on.

Aids in providing impeccable control over the amount of liquid used. Cologne and aftershave can be applied much more accurately, avoiding situations of using too much. As each pump of the atomizer uses less liquid, colognes and aftershaves last much longer.

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Premium Italian Men’s Care

Originating in Italy, Beard Club’s mission is to provide top-of-the-line men’s grooming products with no frills or confusion. Simple, honest, premium hair and facial care – a brand that men really want. A complete range of products to meet specific demands of modern men’s style and care. Beard Club is an evolution of the latest trends, tailored to contemporary men’s care. Features products researched and developed from traditional formulas for modern solutions. A stylish, yet classic, reinterpretation for today’s man.
Beard Club is an answer to the needs of today’s professional men – quality, state-of-the-art products that can keep up with a daily schedule busier than ever. Born, designed, formulated, packaged and shipped from Italy, the home of the latest in men’s hair care and fashion. There’s no pretending with Beard Club. It just works.


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