Argan Velvet Body Cream


Argan Velvet a 100% ultra-refined organic Argan Oil with other precious ingredients which have been ultra refined, reducing their molecular size to 1 micron, resulting in a velvet Argan Cream. A cream that uses the full restorative effects of Argan to create a nourishing, luxurious cream.

Formulated to moisturize dry skin and give needed antioxidants to have a healthy, youthful glow and touch. A unique body cream with the most-refined Argan extract possible to create a smooth, scented, intensely-hydrated feeling for the entire day. Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera absorbs easily into the skin leaving behind no residue. Great for all skin types.

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What does it do for your hair?

  • Nourishes, moisturises & smoothes hair without weighing it down
  • Enhances & protects the colour, giving extreme shine
  • Revitalises the cellular structure of the hair
  • Controls static & eliminates frizz
  • Repairs split ends


Hair treatment products incorporating the evolutionary development of Argan Oil. All products centred around ultra-refined Argan Cream, a superior alternative to Argan Oil as it penetrates deeper into hair fibres making it more effective. This cream is more precise and gives the user more control during application. Its non-greasy characteristics result in absolutely no residue and make it perfect for all hair types. Argan Velvet nourishes, moisturises and smoothes hair whilst leaving it light and airy. It enhances and protects hair colour with added shine whilst reducing frizz and repairing split ends.
The secret is the patented nanotechnology, a revolutionary breakthrough that allows scientists to ultra-refine Argan Oil into a minute molecular structure that is absorbed deeper into the hair for better results. This process does not compromise the valuable genetic components of Argan oil, it only increases the product’s penetrating power because of the smaller molecular size. Get enhanced hair with more shine, less frizz, and repaired split ends with Argan Velvet Hair Products.

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