Agiva Menthol 01 Hair Tonic


Revitalizes hair roots and the scalp with a refreshingly cool menthol blend. Apply and massage into roots to increase blood circulation to stimulate hair follicles. Ultra-smooth formula absorbs into skin and hair for time-releasing benefits.

Menthol works to kill bacteria on the scalp surface and roots to restore a healthy moisture and oil balance. This prevents excess oil production which keeps the hair looking and feeling healthy.

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Designed and formulated in Turkey, the home of men’s hair care. Agiva prides itself in providing professional, quality men’s products that provides satisfaction to the core. Stunning quality, ingredients and affordability makes Agiva a go-to brand for barbers around the world and their customers. Ideal for any man who wants to look and feel their best.




Rich Barber History

Agiva was launched over 40 years ago and is a leader in the production and distribution of barber-grade hair products. Their goal is quite simple: to provide exceptional commercial hair products at reasonable and affordable prices. Throughout the years Agiva have kept prices competitive without ever jeopardizing quality.
Agiva is trusted and used throughout the world by barbers who demand quality and affordability. Through their use and expertise, the brand is continuously evolving and improving. This mutual commitment has led to premium performance in a much more affordable package.

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