Volumising Shampoo for Sale in South Africa

Limp, fine or thinning hair can be difficult to manage and style. Regular use of volumising shampoo can change all that, adding delicious volume, texture and bounce.

What is volumising shampoo?

Volumising shampoo is specially formulated to make hair appear fuller and bouncier, while gently cleansing it.

This shampoo is free of ingredients that weigh down the hair. Instead, it’s designed to add lift. This makes it ideal for anyone with hair that tends to be dull, thin or flat.

How volumising shampoo works

Not all volumising shampoos are the same, but most use similar principles.

They contain ingredients that create hold and help lift the hair away from the head. With lift starting from the roots, hair naturally looks more full.

So how do they do this?

Volumising hair products typically contain polymers that coat the hair fiber, adding a degree of stiffness and lift.

They also often contain quarternized proteins (or “quats”). These have cationic charge, which binds to the anionic hair shaft. The result is hair that’s easier to manage.

Volumising shampoos commonly include compounds designed to regulate excess sebum production. This is to prevent the hair from being weighed down and lying flat against the scalp.

It also makes them ideal shampoos for oily hair and scalp.

Last but not least, good volumising shampoos contain naturally derived proteins and moisturising ingredients (in a careful blend that doesn’t leave any oily residue). Examples are panthenol, collagen and silk protein.

These penetrate and coat each hair fibre, making the hair appear thicker. They also help nourish and strengthen the hair, protecting against splitting and breakage.

How dry shampoo adds volume to hair

Dry shampoo works in a similar way. It absorbs excess oil at the roots and lifts the hair, adding texture and making it appear more full.

It’s especially helpful for adding volume to hair that tends to get oily in between hair washes.

Volumising shampoo benefits

Salon-quality volumising shampoo is an all-in-one hair care solution for hair that’s fine, lank and tricky to manage.

Along with volumising components, vitamins, minerals, keratin proteins and amino acids are typically present to strengthen and nourish locks. These ingredients help repair and strengthen the hair, adding shine and body.

Volumising and moisturising shampoos may also contain hyaluronic acid. This seals the cuticles, locking in moisture, and improves the elasticity of hair – a key factor in preventing split ends and breakage.

Best volumising shampoos in South Africa

The best volumising shampoos are gentle on the hair. They gently remove residue and both mineral and product build-up; add volume; and leave the hair soft and nourished.

When possible, opt for products that are free of harsh or drying chemicals, such as sulphates and parabens.

Invest in well-respected brands, especially those that favour naturally derived formulations – and look for nourishing ingredients (because the best hair is always healthy hair!).