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Brush-on glue vs. adhesive tabs: what’s the best nail glue for artificial nails?

For a professional-looking manicure, an excellent nail glue is a must-have.

Most nail glues contain similar ingredients, but two factors set a great glue apart from an average one: quick-drying power and adhesion.

The best nail glues on the market are fast-drying and have superior adhesive properties, for long-lasting nail tips, acrylics and accessories.

But should you use a brush-on formula – or is it best to opt for adhesive nail tabs?

Brush-on nail glue

Brush-on nail glue is similar to nail polish, but is used to glue on artificial nails.

When to choose brush-on glue

A brush-on formula can also work well to repair broken nails – false or natural – and is an especially effective solution for applying artificial tips.

Brush-on glue is a popular option because it bonds with the nail quickly and easily, and the familiar brush applicator makes it easy to use.

It’s also an essential tool when trying out creative nail art looks.

How to apply nail glue

Follow these three steps to use a brush applicator nail glue:

    1. Brush a layer of glue onto the artificial nail where it will come into contact with your natural nail
    2. Slowly lower the artificial nail onto the natural nail
    3. Press down until the nail is set

Adhesive tabs

Adhesive tabs for nails are a good alternative to strong nail glue if you want to give your natural nails a break.

These double-sided tapes are made especially for artificial nails. A good quality tab should easily hold a nail in place for several days.

Benefits of using adhesive tabs for nails

Advantages of adhesive fake nails over nail glue are that they’re:

    1. kinder to natural nails
    2. quick and easy to use
    3. ideal for temporary use
    4. easy to remove

As long as the nails are prepped and dry, good quality adhesive tabs are an excellent option for a manicure that lasts.

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