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Showing 1–28 of 32 results

Single Colours to Comprehensive Eyeshadow Palettes

Using the right combination of eyeshadow colours, you can create the ideal look, whether for the office or a night out.

Eyeshadow tips

You may have your go-to tricks for applying eyeshadow, but it’s always worth it to see what’s new out there.

Which eyeshadow works best for dark skin?

Choosing your palette can get tricky if you don’t know how to make eyeshadow pop on dark skin.

Dove grey will contrast with your skin, especially in daylight. Highlight your brow ridge with pearly white.

Jewel tones will make a statement at night.

Eyeshadow ideas for blue eyes

Peach, copper and nude must be in your kit. Instead of black liner, try chocolate to complement this natural look.

Choosing the perfect eyeshadow for hazel eyes

With hazel eyes, you have colour flecks in your irises. Enhance these by using the same shade of eyeshadow.

Brown or yellow flecks are common, making chocolate and gold the best eyeshadow for hazel green eyes.

Be sure to add olive and orange to the mix. Autumn colours tend to be a great choice of eyeshadow for hazel eyes.

I need eyeshadow to compliment my green eyes. Which shades can I use?

Champagne or nude is perfect for the day. Take it to night-time with burgundy on the inner eyelids, blended outwards with gold.

What is the best eyeshadow color for light brown eyes?

Make friends with purple and blue! These shades, in any intensity, will make your eyes pop.

Can anyone wear nude eyeshadow?

Yes! Everyone should own a palette with at least four basic nudes. Blend with a good brush to avoid making it look flat.

How can I create a stylish look with glitter eyeshadow?

Use a primer. This way, the glitter will stick and your look will last longer. Definition is also important, so line your lids with liquid or kohl liner.

Finally, brows must be neatly shaped to round off your look.

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