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Brasil Cacau The Keratin Express Treatment
Brasil Cacau The Keratin Express Treatment Brasil Cacau The Keratin Express Treatment Brasil Cacau The Keratin Express Treatment

Brasil Cacau The Keratin Express Treatment

SKU: 13915

An at-home Brazilian hair cuticle smoothing and de-frizzing treatment for smooth, soft, shiny, frizz-free hair in one treatment. Ideal for coarse, frizzy or curly hair types to dramatically reduce frizz and fly-away strands so hair is much more manageable without sacrificing natural volume. Hair is left much easier to style with a sleek, uniform, frizz-free look and feeling. Contains Cocoa and Alpha Hydroxy Acids to deliver intense fragrance, moisture and definition to the hair for a luxurious feel.

What does it do?

Eliminates frizz, closes the cuticle and controls excessive volume, making the surface of the hair more reflective to light so that hair has much more shine.

Formulated for progressive alignment of strands, shine and softness. Provides an intense smoothing effect, giving hair softness, nourishment and incredible shine. Its non-formaldehyde formulation allows it to be perfectly suitable for at-home use. Also ideal for use between salon keratin treatments. Results last approximately 4-6 weeks depending on hair texture, thickness and coarseness. Estimated to produce two treatments per bottle for average length hair.


  • Cocoa: Natural butter with a moisturizing effect that increases strand suppleness.

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Penetrates in the heart of the hair (cortex), rebuilding the internal fiber bridges.

PLEASE NOTE: this treatment is not recommended to be used while pregnant.

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How to use:

  • 1. Wet the hair and remove excess water with a towel.
  • 2. Apply approximately 50ml of the Keratin Express Treatment onto the hair and massage with circular movements until it lathers. The length of timing depends on the type of hair and extent of frizz. The frizzier and coarser the hair, the longer it should remain on the hair.
  • 3. Do NOT rub the scalp and do not apply directly onto the scalp.
  • 4. Let it work for 20 – 50 minutes (amount of time left in hair depends on type of hair, degree of frizz and how intense you want the results to be).
  • 5. Rinse thoroughly.
  • 6. Dry the hair 100% with a hairdryer.
  • 7. Separate the hair into thin strands and flat iron from roots to tip 8 to 12 times at temperatures between 180°C to 230°C. Sensitive or over-processed hair should have less passes with iron at a lower temperature. The more heat applied, the smoother the end result. For added protection it is recommended to use the Brasil Cacau Primer.
  • 8. You're set!
Note: it is recommended to perform a stand test prior to full head use to evaluate the hair's elasticity and strength after the treatment.


Enhance with aftercare!

  • Anti Frizz Shampoo - Enriched with keratin and cocoa, gentle and moisturizing
  • Anti Frizz Conditioner - Enriched with keratin and cocoa, strong moisturizing action
  • Hydrating Hair Complex - Intensive hair restorer, powerful nourishing action
  • Primer - pre-styler, leave-in and protector, treats frizz, provides protection from sun, protects against hot tools, antioxidant, anti-humidity treatment



      • Keep product in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and out of reach of children.
      • For external use only. This product should only be used for its intended purpose and is DANGEROUS for any other kind of use.
      • Repeated use of the product may result in change in hair colour if the hair is dyed.
      • For use on pregnant or nursing women, please consult your doctor.
      • Do not use if the scalp is sensitive, irritated or injured.
      • Always perform a strand test.


Aftercare products ideal for use after a Brazilian keratin treatment. Essential for optimal quality, integrity and longevity of the treatment so it looks and feels better for longer. Also ideal for untreated hair. Brasil Cacau's range of home care products are specifically developed to reduce frizz, tame fly-away strands, improve and maintain hair straightness and introduce long term shine.


Unsure what a Brazilian hair treatment is or have questions? Make sure to consult our Frequently Asked Questions page.




Get Fabulous with Perfect, Straight Hair

Authentic hair care solutions straight from Brazil. A legacy brand as one of the most popular choices for straightening and smoothing treatments. Introducing a range of aftercare products for unmatched reduction of frizz for fabulously silky-straight hair that is easy to style and maintain. Spanning over 70 countries, Brasil Cacau has allowed everyone to achieve their hair dreams.


Variety of Benefits

Brasil Cacau's extensive range of aftercare products have transformed hair from dull to amazing for decades. Every product is easy to use and highly effective for all hair types. Their range of products have gained a reputation of quality for reducing frizz, improving shine, extending the life of keratin treatments, repairing damaged and dry hair, protecting hair from the environment and more. Whatever your need, Brasil Cacau has something perfect for you.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Manufacture Brazil
Brand Brasil Cacau
Benefits Added Shine, Made in Brazil, Moisturizing & Hydrating, Silkier Hair, Sleek Straightening, Smoother, Style Control
Concerns Controlling Frizz, Fly-away hair
Type All Hair Types
Volume 110ml


Customer Reviews (9)

Overall Rating
Works really well! Lasted the same amount of time as doing it in the salon. I have very frizzy and curly hair. Deff recommend it. You can also youtube how to use it step by step ! (Posted on 14/05/2020)
Great service, great product.Review by ME
Overall Rating
Really loving this product. My hair is soft and shiny after application, and so much more manageable. Got my order the day after purchasing as well. Nicely done, guys. (Posted on 15/03/2020)
AMAZING!!!Review by Golda
Overall Rating
This product is amazing. I applied some on my daughter's hair and with just one application the results were amazing. The hair is more manageable and smooth also it does not "shrink" when it comes into contact with steam or water. Definitely ordering more. I love that it can be applied within a short period of time. (Posted on 15/01/2020)
WORTH IT.Review by Leigh
Overall Rating
This product is great! I got 110 ml and I thought oh no what a waste of money .. but on the contrary. I left it on for 50 min and then blow dried my hair and flat ironed .. I cannot iron very well ..but my hair came out soft and manageable.. not even feeling as if it went through a process. LOVE this. Going to get some for my daughter she has thick thick curly hair.. (Posted on 04/11/2019)
So worth your moneyReview by MASNOENA
Overall Rating
So worth your money (Posted on 02/10/2019)
loved it Review by SARA
Overall Rating
the product worked well . but would recommend getting help with the application . (Posted on 16/04/2019)
Wonderful Experience. Great service! Great productReview by Melissa
Overall Rating
Excellent product accompanied by excellent service. Can not wait to order again soon! (Posted on 05/03/2019)
Great my bruReview by Koppe
Overall Rating
I first had kroes hair this made it lekker straight. (Posted on 22/01/2018)
Great ProductReview by Kersh
Overall Rating
Amazingly quick and great product. Leaves her straight, soft, and shiny! (Posted on 24/11/2017)

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