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Faded Colour Hair: Fight your fade today...

Vibrant Colour Fading Away?

  • Fading hair colour is mainly caused by exposing the hair to UV rays, frequent cleansing (dye molecules washing out of hair), hot water, mineral build-up from water and excessive heat from hot styling tools.
  • Coloured hair is also porous from lightening chemicals and permanent colouring, leaving your hair more vulnerable to fading colour after a few weeks.
  • Fight the fade by giving your hair a colour maintenance regimen to revive and boost your colour so it lasts better for longer between salon visits.

Follow these steps:

  1. Step 1 - Colour Refreshing Shampoo
    Revive and refresh colour with new, external pigment from a specialised colour shampoo.
    Uniformly corrects fade for natural colour revival.
  2. Step 2 - Colour Fortification
    Moisture conditioner reduces porosity to limit further colour fade and enhances results of colour shampoo.
    Closes cuticles for protection against colour-fading lifestyle activities.


  1. Step 3 - Environmental Protection
    Protect your hair from hot styling tools, UV rays and environmental pollutants with a heat protection styler.
    Coloured, processed hair is more fragile and needs additional help to maintain a healthy look and feel.
  2. Step 4 - Enhance Your Bundle
    Choose from array of Booster and Finisher products for better results and an extra boost to leave your hair looking and feeling even better.
    Includes colour masks, styling products, hair treatments and more.

Faded Colour Hair Core Solutions

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