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Dry Hair: The oasis is just around the corner

Dry Hair Leaving You Exposed?

  • Dryness happens when your scalp does not produce enough natural oil to nourish and moisturise the hair. Heat styling and chemically processing the hair also causes natural hair oil loss.
  • Dry hair can also be genetic and occur naturally without external causes when the scalp cannot effectively coat each strand with oil.
  • Symptoms of dryness include the hair being unmanageable, dull, straw-like and visibly lacking moisture.
  • This hair requires an intense injection of external moisture to hydrate and correct any imbalances on the hair and scalp.

Follow these steps:

  1. Step 1 - Nourish & Hydrate Hair
    Gentle cleansing shampoo provides an intense injection of natural oils to correct moisture imbalances for instant results.
    Coats each strand with nourishing oils to improve hair texture and appearance.
  2. Step 2 - Seal Hair Cuticles
    Moisturising conditioner seals hair cuticles to limit further moisture loss to the environment as much as possible.
    Adds more natural oils and reduces porosity with greater results if left on the hair for longer periods.


  1. Step 3 - Deep Moisturising Treatment
    Highly concentrated mask ingredients work to remove straw feeling and appearance for a healthy look.
    Hair is left silky, smooth and manageable with long-lasting conditioning benefits.
  2. Step 4 - Enhance Your Bundle
    Choose from array of Booster and Finisher products for better results and an extra boost to leave your hair looking and feeling even better.
    Includes treatment oils, leave-in environmental protectors, rehabilitation sachets and more.

Dry Hair Core Solutions

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